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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Who can sign up on LifeNest?

    Anyone who is in the need of or has access to COVID-related resources can sign up on LifeNest.

  • We require the users to sign up to minimize spam. All our users are required to verify their phone numbers (using OTP) while signing up. This helps us to ensure that only verified users can access the contact details of the providers. In case of unethical activities, we can trace down the spammers using the phone numbers provided while signing up.

  • LifeNest is built with a purpose of making COVID-related resources more accessible. As a result, we can't currently stop anyone from creating a posting. However, the users can mark a resource as spam. Our team will actively monitor for the postings with high spam counts and trace the provider.

  • We certainly acknowledge that providers can be bugged by spam callers too. As a result, we have provided a section - "Report Spam", where the providers can mark a callers as spam. The section also provides a database which the providers can access to see if the same caller has been marked as spam by other people.

  • LifeNest aims for easy sharing of the COVID-related resources in India. Currently, there are a lot of resources/services for COVID patients in India, but it's hard to find one, as they're spread across multiple platforms. Moreover, people are afraid of being scammed/spammed while approaching the unknown people. LifeNest aims to solve all these problems, by allowing people to add resources, organizing it into a database, and only allowing verified users to access the database. Most importantly, the verified users can report spam resources/callers on the platform which allows others to estimate the reputation of the provider or a caller.

  • LifeNest only allows for easy sharing of the COVID-related leads. It doesn't guarantee the authenticity of the provider or protection of the user in any way. LifeNest is also not responsible for any financial transactions made outside the platform. LifeNest allows you to flag the scammers, but we don't provide any claims to protect against those. We will try our best to promptly react to the scam reports and keep out platform clean.

  • The best way to contribute is to sign up! Even if you don't have access to resources or don't need one, you can always sign up and browse/share the resources. That's the best way to help someone who is in need of it. Moreover, you can apply to become a volunteer and help us keep the data clean. Lastly, if you are a Django developer, you can reach out to us and help us keep the platform running. We plan to open-source this project in the near future.